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GLOBAL PRESS RELEASE! - April 25, 2011

Mother Mary once made Bernadette Soubirous eat grass and wash her face with mud. Likewise, Mother Mary of Terasawa told us to eat snow and wash our faces with snow. We did exactly what She told us to do, and got back home. Then, water welled up. Each of us has received heavenly gifts the spring of water is giving.

The gifts given will vary according to the degree of trust in me and Father Jean Marie.

I'd like you to keep in mind that the water doesn't have any medical properties at all. Those who really trust in me will receive God's gifts abundantly, but those who don't trust very much will receive accordingly.

For example, a person will certainly be healed of sickness, emotional wounds, sitophobia or hyperphagia, psychopathy, and diabetes. The blind will come to see, and the deaf will come to hear. People with physical disability will come to walk, and people afflicted with a skin disease will be cured. In addition, brain diseases and even MELAS will be healed. Moreover, Fibromyalgia will be cured.

The members of Little Pebble Dohsyuku-kai and the person who are called to be a priest will surely receive the Gift.

Clara-Josefa-Menendez, Maria-Antonia-Margarita-Maria-Alacoque, and Marie-Madeleine-Daniel will be given a physical body as young as fifteen years old, as "a recovery to the beauty of Eve of Eden". And Marie-Madeleine-Daniel will become able to see on May 1st.

However, the water is not a medicine. That is a Gift, from God to those who have trust in me and Father Jean-Marie, given as a reward for the trust.

The Japanese late Emperor
was baptized on his deathbed !

"God ordered me to do this

@@@for rescue an innocent prisioner."

Gabrielle O'Shaughnessy accused the Little Pebble of sexual assault. When the first hearing from Judge, she apologized to Judge crying and she said that 'I told a lie ,I am sorry.' This was recorded as "Investigation".

Father Jean-Marie of the Risen Son of God

Roman Catholic priest. 47 years old (male).

Because of the deed which are demanded by God for rescue the Little Pebble from imprisonment, he was expelled from a religious order and was deprived priesthood by the Little Pebble himself.

But, God Himselef guarantees that he is still keeping priesthood.

He is a mystic and seer. Heaven is giving him vision and locution and mystical pains.

She came and live with her family in the community of the Little Pebble , and left there with her family. After many years,in 2002,her lover conspired together with her against the Little Pebble to extort money. She accepted it and made false story. But they failed to extort from the Little Pebble. Then they went to "Chanel 7 TV" and got many money. Then they went to police.

This gennuine "Investigation" was disappeared and was replaced fake "Investigation". This fixed trial was kept going and the decision was guilty.

This was the work of Freemason. They wronged the Little Pebble by a false charge and jailed him.

For rescue him from imprisonment,God ordered me who is a Roman Catholic priest to do and to publicize certain things.

I obeyed God faithfully. If you read my letters and watch DVD , you will see what God ordered me. God revealed me that " When Japanese emperor and Pope Benedict 16 hear about it, God Himself will appear them and teach them what to do for rescue the Little Pebble from imprisonment."

You can use our picture according ethics in your country. You can use our picture and writing freely without our permission.

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14 shimizugoya
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Clara-Josefa-Menendez Yumi Abe@35 years old (feamel).

She became pregnant with twins of "Only Ovum Babies." Their father is the Little Pebble. For prove the Little Pebble's innocence,God performed great miracle using him in prison. God put "Holy shinig staff" into his body in 1993, It is not material thing. Holy Ghost carried "Holy seed of a life" from it to Clara-Josefa-Menendez's ovum. "Holy seed of a life" is not material thing ,too. This happened in 2007 and the Little Pebble was in jail at Sydney,Austlaria and Clara-Josefa-Menendez was our house in Akita,Japan. "Only Ovum Babies" starts by parthenogenesis biologically. God nominats her as to be "Baroness" of Royal family of David.

Marie-Madeleine Ritsuko Sugiura
36 years old (female).

She is totally blind from her birth.

She is the first seer of totally blind from birth
in history of Christianity.

She is realy unprecedented seer and mystic.
Heaven is giving mainly locutions and ccasionally visions.

God requests her to sacrifice her life for the Little Pebble, and her answer is "Yes".

She is suffering mystically very much.

Everything is for the Little Pebble !!

We appeal "he is innocent !"



The message given to Little Pebble by Jesus in Japan. 13th Oct. 1993 ( English ) ( Japanese )

Explanation of attached DVD

DVD 00:00:00 - 00:31:04

"The Right SEX" - prophesy by deed - Roman Catholic Priest - Father Jean-Marie of the Risen Son of God, and Clara-Josepha-Menendez Yumi Abe. October 5, 2007 at "Shimizugoya" community of the Little Pebble Dohsyuku-kai. Yuzawa-city Akita-pref. Japan

A prophet does prophesy by means of language, or by deed. "The Right SEX", it was made by Father Jean-Marie Hiroshi Sugiura and Clara-Josepha-Menendez, is the prophesy by deed. Father Jean-Marie alias "Father Jean-Marie of the Risen Son of God" is truly Roman Catholic Priest, and he is 47 years old. Clara-Josepha-Menendez Yumi Abe is Roman Catholic Believer, and Dohsyuku of "Little Pebble Dohsyuku-kai". She is 35 years old.

Now, God has risen up the Little Pebble as new Adam, and Bettina as new Eve. Father Jean-Marie is only a substitute actor of the Little Pebble, and also Clara-Josepha-Menendez is only a substitute actress of Bettina.

These two persons' "The Right SEX" is the prophesy by deed, which means Jesus Christ returns again soon, and Paradise will be returned to human beings.

The first plan of God was like this, pregnancy is caused only with love of a husband and a wife. A woman becomes pregnant without using a male sperm, it was only for human beings. However, Adam and Eve have spoiled this plan in a paradise.

When paradise is returned and given to human beings, the plan of God is realized. All the husband and wife are blessed with many children from God, without husband's sperm.

"The Right SEX" is also meaning these things.

In order to realize prophesy by deed, God removed these two persons' shame. So, they were able to become nakedness.

Because the prophesy by language must be released, similarly, the prophesy by deed must also be released.

The purpose of God is to save many people. So, if this prophesy by deed - "The Right SEX" is released, salvation will be brought to many people.

26th Oct. 2007
Father Jean-Marie of the Risen Son of God


On August 5th, 2007, Clara-Josepha-Menendez Yumi Abe conceived twins' girl. There is no corporal father. This pregnancy is not based on a male sperm. This pregnancy has happened by "Seed of a life" from "Holly shine stick" which is inside of Little Pebble (William kamm), who is serving in the prison in Australia. "Seed of a life" carried by the Holy Spirit. Little Pebble revives "Royal family of David", and Clara-Josepha-Menendez is "Baroness" of "Royal family of David".

Clara-Josepha-Menendez Yumi Abe is 35 years old, and she does not have physiology. She is malfunctioning of ovary, and serious illness atopy. So, she cannot become pregnant. However, she has conceived twins, they will be born in seven months. Therefore it proves that this is "pregnancy of a miracle."

God has defined that these twins girls "Mary Gabriella" and "Annalear" become Kolbe-Marie Tetsuro Abe's adopted childs.

gMessage given to Marie-Madeleine from Virgin Mary. August 5th 2007 PM9:54h
Virgin Mary:
I gave Clara-Josepha-Menendez the blessing of pregnancy today. Bashing visits soon. Pray, my children, so that she can bear. I wish this community to cause love.

DVD 00:31:05 - 00:55:02

The messages given to Marie-Madeleine from Virgin Mary and St. Mary Magdalena, during the "Sex of Atonement". March 30, 2007 AM11:35 at "Shimizugoya" community of Little Pebble Dohsyuku-kai. Yuzawa-city, Akita-pref. Japan

St. Mary Magdalena:
Your protection Saint, Mary Magdalena, I talk you. Heaven call the people, who are in pain with their sexual crime. Heaven tell everybody that two persons - Father Jean-Marie and Marie-Madeleine - are agreeing, and doing the "Sex of Atonement". People who are suffering with homosexuality, people who love many men and were in pain again and again, also a man and a woman, also those who are called gay, All of these people, please wish Jesus Christ help without being afraid. Let's help the Little Pebble. Good news has been opened for these people.

Not only the Catholic church, but also in the Protestant church, they emphasize "Believer must be clean!" Those who are suffering with their sexual crime, they hide their suffering in pain, or they cannot go to a church completely.

There is good news for all mankind. People who are in pain with their sexual crime, Mary Magdalena is a guardian. Come here! Come to Jesus Christ! Come to Little Pebble! It's OK. God allows. Jesus invites people who cannot withdraw from a crime, and Jesus also invites people who cannot receive Holy Communion at all because of a big crime. Jesus wants to allow you rather than people who receives Holy Communion by their hands! This deed is severe profanity! You are far better than them. And Jesus was waiting for the time that someone opens the gate. It's OKI Please come and not be afraid. I wish a priest the blessing for the children whom I talked now and who are in pain with sexual crime.

Father Jean-Marie :(blessing to everybody who are in pain with their sexual crime)
In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost, Amen.

"The message to the Little Pebble"
Virgin Mary:
My lover Little Pebble, your mother, Virgin Mary talk to you now. For you, one sign is directly shown from heavens. It is a sign about atonement, as talked before.

"A grain of wheat remains no more than a single grain unless it is dropped into the ground and dies. If it die, then it produces many grains." Like this, I gave you my lover brave son ( Father Jean-Marie ), and he follows you. I tell you this truth. I wish a priest the blessing for Pope Little Peter Abraham II.

Father Jean-Marie: (to Pope Little Peter Abraham II)
In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost, Amen.

DVD 00:55:02 - 01:15:54

The messages given to Marie-Madeleine from Virgin Mary. April 2,2007 PM6:05 "Shimizugoya" community of Little Pebble Dohsyuku-kai. Yuzawa-city, Akita-pref. Japan

Virgin Mary:
Like the movie "Passion" made by Director Mel Gibson, my lover son's (Father Jean-Marie) heart tends to be broken now. Little Pebble experienced it first. Also My lover son - Father Jean-Marie shouldered Jesus Christ's role. But the Church will release a sentence that "you need to be careful because he isn't a priest", as the religionist condemned Jesus Christ. All members of Dohsyuku will become one group and gather for Little Pebble. Please continue and see "Passion". You understand all of Jesus Christ.

Because it happened to my lover son, the reactions are happening already in each. My lover Marie-Madeleine imitated Saint Mary Magdalena and got to know that this person saved my life. Marie-Madeleine expose her body. And though many persons laugh at her she follow my loved son. It is that because she is supported, not because she is strong.

Please remember that Satan aim at everyone always to destroy them with one shot. It seems to a crisis of life. Father Jean-Marie love Jesus Christ this much, and he keep loving Little Pebble. His way is only that people cannot understand. Many people looked down on him and left. Truly Marie-Madeleine want truth without exposing her body, and she have wished various things to the heart. But she was told that the monastic order can't accept her, because she has an emotive crack. So she was in agony and suffering heavily. Marie-Madeleine kept her virgin. And she consented to die as the role of Ann. But the atonement was stared, and she has begun going deep in the passion of Jesus Christ. Because if she could not accept Jesus Christ, she knew that she wouldn't be able to do at all. Her suffering can not approach Jesus Christ's at all. But she was looked down on most in all women. She will be hopeless without my lover son.

Go the prepared way each of children, be brave and strong. I wish a priest the blessing for children.

Father Jean-Marie:
In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost, Amen.

Now ! The animation is broadcast by GyaO. ( See below )

Blog of Little Pebble Dohsyuku-kai

Why this Roman Catholic priest show his SEX openly !?

Foreign media's persons, Come to see and hear us by yourself. I am called a SEX cult all white clothing. My name is Jean-Marie. I am truly "Roman Catholic priest". I am a mystic, a visionalist and a locutionist.

Why this Roman Catholic priest commit "taboo" speaking out

about origin of Japanese Emperor !?

Father Jane-Marie adressed Five letter's to
1. Japanese Emperor and Empress
2. young people of right-wing and shinto priest
3. young people of Korea
4. muslims in Japan
5. Pope Benedict XVI

Everything is for the Little Pebble !!

This address is a site of "Little Pebble Dohsyuku-kai".

The message given to Little Pebble by Jesus in Japan. 13th Oct. 1993 New!! ( English ) ( Japanese )


Terrible Communist Revolution in Italy !
Removed "Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore" from Red Italy !
Miraculous "Spring for the Little Pebble" in "Terasawa"(Akita, Japan) !

1. When a communist revolution happens in Italy, All Rome is devastated and a way overflows with bodies. But "Papal Basilica of Saint Mary Major (Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore)" is carried to Marian apparitions Sanctuary "Terasawa"(Akita, Japan) by angel Cherubim.

2. When the Little Pebble (Willam Kamm) released from the prison, "Papal Basilica of Saint Mary Major" in "Terasawa(Japan)" will became a temporary Palace of the Pope Little Peter Abraham II. Just like the episode of the Avignon Papacy.

3.A Miraculous spring will spring in the Sanctuary "Terasawa", soon.

What is the "Spring for the Little Pebble"?

a. Condition of Cure

To turust in Father Jean-Marie Thorbush Little John. He is one of twenty-four ancients of 'the Apocalypse Chapter four, Verse Four.' --- "And round about the throne were four and twenty seats; and upon the seats, four and twenty ancients sitting, clothed in white garments, and on their heads were crowns of gold." ---
The Twelve Apostles and new Little Twelve Apostles are twenty-four ancients. You must trust in Father Jean-Marie who is new Little John. He is serving the new Little Peter, the Little Pebble.

b. Additional Grace
They will become to Know, love and serve Jesus and the Little Pebble. God pour this Grace directly into thier soul and they will work for the Little Pebble enthusiastically.

c. Take a bath (Wash face and drink spring water) into the spring water.
If you come to "Spring for the Little Pebble" and wash face and drink spring water (you take a bath, into the spring water), you will be cured from homosexal, lesbian, transsexual, sexual abuse and torauma, attachment disorder from infan childhood.

Now there is a big and important problem, that is about homosexal Fathers and Brothers, lesbian Sisters in Catolic Church. If they turst Father Jean-Marie Thorbush Little John, and they wash own face and take a bath into "Spring for Little Pebble", they will be cured from homosexal, lesbian, however they were be homosexality innate and inherited. And men and women survivors sexual abused by them will be cured from sexual trauma.

Please you should come here, Victims and Criminals of Catholic Sex abuse, if you belive and trust Father Jean-Marie Thornbush Little John.

God loves especialy gay/homosexual, lesbian, transsexual.

Please read this massage from Jesus, you can understand so that.

27th Feb, 2010 at 14:22 at Shimitsukoya in Yuzawa-city Akita-pref, Japan
massage from Jesus
My sweet children. Jesus say to you.
My children, I came here to have a rest in you.
Please console me, one by one.
It is not yet stop ingratitude toward me.
And a lot of crimes are committed.
Especially, people who are called Christian increase intensely ungratefulness to God.
I go to the prostitute, and homosexual, transsexual, becouse they will surely comfort me.
My chiledren, you lean on my Sacred Heart, get a comfort from me and let it be me, Jesus.
(an excerpt from massage)

d. All kind of illness and injuries are cured
In addtion, if you come here and wash your face and drink a spring water (take a bath) from "Spring for the Little Pebble", you will cured from Adult Children of Alcoholics(ACOA), Adult Children of Dysfunctional Family(ACOD), all kinds of adiction, addicted to alcohol, drug, sex, food, gamble, shopping, games, etc.
So you will be cured all kinds of mental disease, depression, emotional and behavioral disorders, adalt attacment disorder in infan childhood, autism, ADHD, PTSD, personality disorder, schizophrenia, mental retardation, etc.
You will be cured all kinds of physical illness, HIV, AIDS, infectious diseases, intractable illness, Mitochondrial diseases, Fibromyalgia, atopic dermatitis, deep diabetes, cancer,etc.

e. For Korean
To Korea People, let pilgrimage to Terasawa, met God and Mother Mary. Especially this Sanctuary is for Korea People!

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